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Research Papers Overview


This Research Papers section provides non-research executives with information to promote greater understanding of customer and employee attitude research methods, techniques and technology.

A series of white papers are available, each of which contains information about research methods for the non-technical executive reader. White paper topics include:
  • Meeting effectiveness, Return On Event (ROE) (e.g., "Unleashing the Power of Meetings")
  • Employee surveys (e.g., "Employee Surveys: A Strategic Organizational Tool")
  • Customer surveys (e.g., "How to Develop an Effective Baseline Customer Satisfaction Survey")
  • Communications audits (e.g., "Measuring the Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer within Your Organization")
  • Deep Dialog (e.g., "A CEO's Experience with Deep Dialog")
  • Case studies (e.g., "Transport Company: A Pre- and Post-Meeting Case Study)
You can also find information about sampling, writing surveys, and analyzing data in this section. For people interested in gathering information via methods such as focus groups and interviews, an introduction about qualitative research is provided.

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