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Confidentiality and Data Security
User Administration, Access and Login

It's easy and efficient to get your users up and running in our MeetingMetrics report center. All our clients enjoy fast and secure password access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and new users can be activated quickly and easily by a designated survey administrator.

You designate a survey administrator, whom we train to add and remove users and user groups, activate and disable individual users and user groups, assign passwords and specify user data access and permissions through a secure online interface. MeetingMetrics can also act as your survey administrator if desired.

Survey administrators can also build and save report templates for their users to work with in creating custom reports of different population segments, time periods, etc.

Once your users are assigned a userID and password and are activated in the system, they can login to our MeetingMetrics report center and work with the survey data to which they have been granted permission. For example, senior managers and organizational leadership may have global access to all survey data, while regional managers' data access can be limited to their individual geographic area and accounts.

Individual users, upon login, can change their passwords and set the type of reporting interface they would like to start with upon entering our MeetingMetrics report center.

Usage Reports

If desired, we can track and provide reports of your organization's usage of our MeetingMetrics report center, including number of unique user visits, total number of visits, reports saved, etc.

Real-Time Display of Response Rates

Current information about each survey response is shown in real time on the front page of the survey's report interface in our MeetingMetrics report center. The number of invitations delivered, the number of completed surveys and the overall response rate are all at your fingertips.

Option of Customized  Interface

A customized interface with your company logo and colors can be created for your single survey or multi-survey program. Custom report centers will be given their own URL on the Internet. Special programming is required to set up a custom center.

Real-Time Survey Response Data

Real-time response data is entered into our MeetingMetrics report center upon survey completion and submission and is available immediately for display and report generation. Response databases can be exported from our MeetingMetrics report center and provided to you in several flexible formats, including CSV and TSV formats as well as native Excel, Access and SPSS formats.

Real-Time Invitation and Response Tracking Increases Response Rates

By tracking individual survey visits, progress through key question sets, early exits and completions, an accurate analysis of responses to the invitation message and the questionnaire can be attained.

These analyses provide insight into message effectiveness and questionnaire structure that can be altered during the course of a survey to increase response rates.

Confidentiality and Data Security

Data integrity and the confidentiality of survey respondents are protected with SSL security from the moment they begin participating in a MeetingMetrics survey through to our MeetingMetrics report center's SQL Server databases under SSL security behind a dedicated NetScreen 7XT Managed hardware firewall. Individual survey responses are reported on a respondent's permission-only basis in our MeetingMetrics report center.

De-Duplication, and Weighting of Survey Data

Our MeetingMetrics report center will automatically and immediately alert MeetingMetrics's technical support staff of any anomalies in the respondent database. Analysts will examine and correct any anomalies in the database as well as weight the data as appropriate to properly reflect the overall population that the survey sample represents.

User and Survey Administrator Training

Our MeetingMetrics report center has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It's so easy, in fact, that most of our users can develop reports without training. However, MeetingMetrics provides live training sessions for designated Survey Administrators, who can then train users within their organization. Customized training programs are available upon request.

User Support

Extensive support options, including an indexed help system and FAQ are available. User support also includes mouse-over tool tips and pop-up illustrations and explanations throughout our MeetingMetricsSM report center.

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