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Real-time Online Report Center (ORC) – built on the GuideStar ORC platform and tailored for MeetingMetricsSM pre- and post-meeting users, each user's custom-branded ORC collects survey data in real time provides a wide variety of pre-formatted meeting survey results reports and permits the user to customize these reports as needed.

The user can "slice and dice" their survey response data by selecting demographic segments and building Crosstab Reports, High-Low Reports, Pivot Tables, Verbatim Reports, Ranked Frequency Reports, etc. in graphs and table formats. Reports can be saved, printed, downloaded as PDF, e-mailed or copied into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

The Report Builder can compare pre-meeting and post-meeting Return On Event (ROE) survey results as well as multiple rounds of a survey to display trend reports and calculate ROI report statistics. Response databases can be exported by the user in native Excel format.

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