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ROI Survey and Reporting Services

The ROI Service in MeetingMetrics is a state-of-the-art ROI measurement tool that enables users to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their meeting investment.

Organizational-level and Participant-level ROI
The ROI service in MeetingMetrics can produce both organizational-level and participant level ROI. For associations, participant-level ROI is of particular importance as it enables the association to demonstrate the bottom-line value of the meetings for which association members and their organizations pay. Convincing members of the value received from their meeting investment can be crucial to retaining and increasing attendance levels and meeting revenues for the association.

For corporations, organizational level ROI can prove that a meeting or meetings moved the business ahead financially. With events like user conferences with paid registrations, the company wants to be able to demonstrate the value of the participant's investment to build attendance, revenue and recommendations for future events.

The online meeting ROI service is exclusive to MeetingMetrics and was developed in collaboration with the ROI Institute.

The service enables users to measure and report on all five levels of meeting impact including the meeting's ROI. The service adheres to the ROI Institute's meeting measurement, statistical standards, calculation methods and reporting formats, all of which are built into MeetingMetrics.

Users who elect to use the ROI components of MeetingMetrics will find them exceptionally easy to use, similar to the other surveys in the system.

Pre-meeting Discovery questions focused on the business and financial objectives of the meeting are available, as are pre-meeting survey questions in the questionnaire builder.

ROI Questionnaire Builder
The Post-meeting ROI questionnaire builder includes a comprehensive inventory of reaction, learning, application, business impact and ROI questions to choose from plus a comprehensive survey template with which to start.

ROI Online Reports
The ROI Survey is conducted three to six months after the meeting. Data flows in real-time into the ROI ORC where the calculations are performed and reports formatted. Summary reports with Adjusted Values, Benefit-Cost Ratios and ROI can be generated for demographic groups and individual measures . Detailed tables presenting individual participant data and aggregated totals are also available.

ROI ORC reports can be printed as PDFs, sent via email directly from the ORC or copied and pasted directly in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The data can also be downloaded from the system.

Each user of the optional ROI services in MeetingMetrics receives a complimentary copy of "Proving The Value of Meetings & Events: How and Why to Measure ROI" by Jack J. Phillips, Monica Myhill and James B. McDonough.

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