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Web-based survey questionnaires translated into native languages can be deployed quickly to reach your customers, employees, distributors, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world. Native language surveys are important in your relationships because they demonstrate that the needs, national identity and pride of native speakers is respected and appreciated by your organization. And, on a basic communications level, native language translations may be necessary in order to collect survey information from those who do not read English as a second language well enough to understand all the ideas being presented.

To support your native language needs, GuideStar has developed a range of multi-language services:

  • MeetingMetricssm consultants can arrange for translation and programming of your questionnaire in all major languages including those with double byte characters like Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Or, if you prefer, your own native language translators can easily work with the Questionnaire Builder online to translate your questionnaire

  • Native Language Online Survey Support –MeetingMetricssm provides e-mail support in native languages for surveys. Participants in over 35 countries and from every continent have received support through this unique service.
Content Analysis of Native Language Open-end Question Comments – MeetingMetrics can efficiently translate and code the comments of native language survey participants. This enables us to prepare a statistical analysis of the comments and rank the principal themes that emerge through the content analysis of hundreds or thousands of comments on each open-end survey question.

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