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Meeting Management Dashboard

The “Dashboard” is a custom-branded, user-aware control center that is presented to the user upon login to the system. From here, user can choose to work on any part of their meeting measurment for a spcific meeting; questionnaire development, messaging management, reports, etc.
The dynamic report modules on the page offer the user access to all functions in the real-time online system, including current status views of questionnaires, messages, response rates and reports.

For example, using the Dashboard, the user may wish to begin a new meeting measurment project, to continue working on an existing meeting project or use the Online Reports Center tab to access pre-set ROE report templates, ROI reports or to update or customize their saved reports through the user-friendly, point-and-click interface. No research expertise is required of the user as the research intelligence is built into the system to assure professional results.

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