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MeetingMetrics’ Heritage – GuideStar Research

The MeetingMetricssm online service is based on 25 years of meeting measurement experience of its parent company, GuideStar Research.

GuideStar has been a pioneer and leader in measuring large group meeting results for over two decades. Ira Kerns, the firm's founder, orginated the term Return On Event (ROE) in 1990. The firm has been providing the ROE service commercially to corporations and associations since then using the Meeting Productivity Process (MPP) to measure the psychological, behavioral and financial impacts of large group meetings and events.

Provided by a combined staff of professionals, Ph.D.-level organizational psychologists from GuideStar Research and MeetingMetrics , the firm has delivered dramatic, measurable ROE results for many Fortune 500 companies and associations looking to achieve greater value from their meetings and events, enhancing their critical business relationships and improving organizational performance.

MeetingMetricssm Evolution

Over the past five years, GuideStar has developed the new MeetingMetricssm online service built on the proven foundation of the MPP. In collaboration with the ROI Institute, GuideStar has integrated, as a user option, the highly respected meeting financial ROI measurement methods of the ROI Institute into the MeetingMetricssm service.

The online integrated system is comprised of a set of applications designed expressly for the use of meeting professionals. Some of the applications in the system are advanced 2nd generation, like our real-time Online Report Centers (ORC) and our mail manager. Other applications, like the meeting ROE survey questionnaire builder, with its unique built-in heuristic intelligence and large inventory of proven meeting survey and measurement questions, developed to enable meeting executives to achieve professional results without research or measurement expertise.

A new state-of-the-art online session evaluation set of survey and reporting tools has been added to the system to serve meetings with numerous education breakout sessions.

Developed With Leading Meeting Professional Guidance

Incorporating the feedback of  leading corporate and association meeting professionals, the MeetingMetricssm service meets the real-world needs of meeting professionals for a measurement system that is effective, efficient, affordable, easy to learn and easy to use.

MeetingMetricssm Mission:

Enables meeting professionals to:

  • Become an essential resource of information about meeting content and meeting communications strategies
  • Become an expert in measuring and optimizing meeting results - Return On Event (ROE)
  • Become an internal consultant on how to satisfy meeting participants needs
  • Demonstrate the results, strategic value and contributions (ROI) of each meeting towards achievement of the organizational goals
  • Become the central resource for information about meeting and event effectiveness, ROI and trend analysis in their organization
  • Earn a seat at the strategic meeting management table

MeetingMetricssm Support Assures Users of Achieving Professional Results

Our goal is to provide “best in class” comprehensive, professional meeting measurement resources that are especially easy to use for meeting professionals. A multi-faceted collection of user support services is available to assure success in working with MeetingMetricssm.

  • A knowledgeable support staff available by e-mail and phone to answer questions and provide guidance on how to use the system
  • Online “how to” visual orientation and training presentations for new users
  • Professional meeting measurement experts, staff Ph.D.-level organizational psychologists, available by phone for consultation and guidance as well as optional data analysis, written reports and meeting recommendation services
  • An online MeetingMetricssm user community accessible directly from the MeetingMetricssm online system
  • Helpful FAQs throughout the system
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