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MeetingMetrics Service Provider Opportunities Are Now Available
We are seeking qualified individuals and firms currently doing business in the meetings industry interested in becoming a MeetingMetrics Service Provider of Return On Event (ROE) services.
Benefits of Becoming an Authorized MeetingMetrics Service Provider:
  • Ability to offer a new, value-add, Return On Event (ROE) service to corporate and association meeting clients
  • Attract new clients
  • Develop an additional revenue stream that should grow over time
  • Strengthen and deepen existing client relationships
  • Develop new, professional hands-on meeting measurement skills
  • Provide more strategic meeting services to clients
  • Become a more valuable strategic partner with clients
  • Enhance your professional image
MeetingMetrics provides Service Providers with professional discounts, training and sales aids plus consulting support as necessary.

Service Providers become qualified, experienced MeetingMetrics users by providing turnkey MeetingMetrics Return On Event(ROE) services to their clients and earning fees for their personal, professional MeetingMetrics services.

MeetingMetrics authorized service providers can also act as MeetingMetrics resellers and earn commissions and referral fees without providing client services.
Service Provider Qualifications:
To qualify as an authorized MeetingMetrics service provider, an individual or firm must have an established business in the meetings and events industry, possess on-going sales and service relationships with decision makers responsible for purchasing large group meeting services for their corporation, association or government agency; commit at least one full-time staff professional to become a skilled MeetingMetrics Service Provider; and make an initial minimum purchase of discounted MeetingMetrics service packages.
To learn more about this unique opportunity to partner with MeetingMetrics, contact Ira Kerns, Managing Director, at 212-426-6222.
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