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Professional Services
Professional Services Overview

The MeetingMetricsSM license includes initial service from a staff research professional. Each of our staff professionals is a Ph.D.-level psychologist with years of meeting measurement experience. Beyond the initial service included in the annual license, these professionals are available to MeetingMetricsSM licensees and users on an as-needed basis as an optional cost service.

MeetingMetrics user-friendly interface and built-in meeting intelligence enable users to achieve quality results with relative ease. For those users who wish to achieve more in-depth understanding of their meeting participants’ needs and motivations and desire to take their research to a higher level, our professional staff can assist with guidance, counsel and even hands-on research services.

MeetingMetrics licensees and users, working with our research professionals, can produce high-level, professional research and measurement results, Return On Event (ROE) and ROI that will stand the scrutiny of any executive or professional review.

MeetingMetricsSM Optional Research Consultant Services

  • Guidance of the survey process and online reporting

  • Written analysis and summary reports of Discovery, Pre-Event and Post-Event ROE survey findings, development of a variety of statistical analyses like key driver analysis, path modeling, etc. and the development of strategic recommendations

  • Consultation, editing and revisions of questionnaire draft in the Questionnaire
    Manager (includes additional question writing, content review, survey structure and incorporation of benchmark questions) - assuring a high-quality, professional survey instrument

  • ROI process consulting

  • Management of translations for survey messages and questionnaires for non-English surveys

  • In-depth guidance, recommendations and consultation on use of the Online Report Center to produce pre-set and custom reports for each survey
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