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July 14, 2009
MeetingMetrics Upgrades Tools for Improving Education Sessions and Meeting Outcomes
New York, NY, July 14, 2009 - MeetingMetrics announced the release of version 2.1 of its on-site, online session evaluation tools. The new version is the result of a wish list gathered from association Education Directors and Meeting Executives including those of MPI and PCMA to improve education sessions and meeting outcomes.

“The result of our research and user input is a set of easy to use, professional-level tools that greatly simplifies, speeds and lowers costs of collecting and reporting participants’ session feedback. A full selection of key analytic reports including session, speaker and learning effectiveness rating reports are automatically produced ready to save, print or email directly from the system in minutes.” explained Ira Kerns, Managing Director of MeetingMetrics.

“Along with speed, scalability and the one-click reports users want most,” Kerns explained, “we focused on creating a streamlined, friendly experience for both survey administrators and participants. People don’t want to spend one minute more than they need to when providing feedback on a questionnaire. We designed the system to function cafeteria style. Participants can access the session survey 24/7, quickly select all the sessions they want to evaluate, and then the system serves up short session evaluation questionnaires to them one after another.”

Kate Farrington, AHP Director of Meetings and Exhibits, a licensee who has been using the new tools, agrees. “AHP began using MeetingMetrics for our meetings in 2009 and we are thrilled with the results. As a small association with several different conference programs we have saved time, money and energy and acquired better feedback that has helped us to deliver more value to our members."

Joan Eisenstodt, a leading consultant and trainer in the association meetings industry, responded to a preview demo of the new tools saying, “I am a huge fan of MeetingMetrics and their products. Just had a 'tour' and saw the new and improved stuff. It's amazing and timely and can be customized.”

Kerns says the new online tools are priced considerably lower than comparable paper-based session evaluation services with even greater cost saving for larger events with many education sessions.

The new version, like all surveys in the MeetingMetrics online system, are PDA-enabled and accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Kerns says that response rates have been averaging between 35% and 45% which compares favorably with association paper-based session evaluations.

A new feature in the system that saves staff time and costs is batch production and delivery of PDF speaker reports online during, and immediately after, the meeting. One person can administer the session evaluation process from start to finish even for large events with many sessions.

“Given the time and cost benefits as well as being a green solution, we believe association leaders, education directors and meeting managers will find that version 2.1 simplifies their job of session evaluation while providing valuable analytics that can improve content for future events,” says Kerns.

If we are to truly ensure meetings continue, we have to do better at planning and evaluating them AND ensuring that we know the details!

Further upgrades are planned for release this fall including continuing education (CE) capabilities for collecting and verifying session attendance and providing survey takers printed CE certificates. “One nice thing about an online system is that when we add new features, all of our users immediately benefit without any software downloads or installation.”

For organizations desiring to quantify the value of their meetings, the session evaluation module is completely integrated with MeetingMetrics pre-/post-meeting and ROI survey capabilities.

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