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What We Measure - Return On Event (ROE) and meeting ROI

Return on Event (ROE)

Return On Event (ROE) are the measurable psychological and behavioral dimensions on which large group meetings and events have a direct impact on participants of the experience.

The value chain of impacts translate into specific meeting objectives used to drive a meeting’s design and form the basis of the Return On Event (ROE) results measurement built into MeetingMetrics. This value chain approach has been used successfully by GuideStar Research to assist clients to optimize and measure their meeting results for over two decades. GuideStar staff psychologists have refined our meeting measurement methods in actual practice, working with clients to optimize and measure the results of their major events.

Return On Investment (ROI) is the monetized financial value produced from the accumulated impacts of the value chain that represent the total benefits of the investment made by an organization sponsoring a large meeting or event. The ROI Institute is recognized as the world’s leading practitioner and educator in the field of ROI measurement of training programs.

Dr. Jack Phillips, President of the ROI Institute has, for the past several years, applied the Institute's ROI method to the challenge of measuring the financial ROI of large group meetings and events. He and his colleagues have been providing training workshops and consulting services to meeting professionals sponsored by MPI and PCMA, the leading associations in the meeting industry.

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