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Meeting Measurement Overview - Return On Event (ROE)

Our Process

GuideStar Research\MeetingMetrics has been a pioneer leader and originator of Return on Event (ROE), optimizing and measuring large group meeting results since the early 90's.

The ROE measurement process is integrated into the MeetingMetricssm online system so meeting designers, planners and executives can implement this process easily and efficiently to achieve professional results.

A collection of six customizable, specialized meeting survey templates for measuring Return On Event (ROE) are built into the system for the user to design their meeting measurment plan. The online collection includes Pre-meeting needs analysis and baseline benchmarks surveys, onsite session evaluation and Post-meeting surveys including ROI.

Pre-Meeting Discovery Discovery is the first part of our pre-meeting gathering of baseline information about the meeting. Using online and offline interviews, the Discovery process focuses on determining what objectives the meeting sponsors and meeting participants (consumers of the experience) want the meeting to accomplish to be of high value for them and their reasons for these needs.

Discovery is a relatively quick process involving a small group of meeting sponsors (key executive leaders) and selected representatives of prospective meeting participants (usually no more than 20 people).

Pre-Meeting Baseline Survey

Using the knowledge gained from Discovery, a survey questionnaire is prepared to validate and extend our understanding of the entire population of meeting participants’ needs and quantifies their baseline attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, commitment levels, abilities and preferences for the meeting. MeetingMetricssmintelligent questionnaire builder and extensive question inventory enables the meeting planner to develop a professional-level, pre-event survey questionnaire quickly and easily.

Meeting ROI

When financial ROI objectives and measurement are included in the process, the financial impacts and business objectives will also be included in the Discovery and pre-event online survey to also establish these baselines. ROI measures are built into the MeetingMetricssm online system and are available as an option when needed.

Meeting Design, Production and the Event Experience

After the pre-event survey, the meeting planning, design and production teams use the information gained from the survey to develop and produce the event.

Onsite, Paperless, Online Session Evaluation Survey

The online session evaluation survey is a streamlined, low-cost, green solution that delivers session ratings and speaker evaluations in real-time from the Online Report Center. Create your session evaluation survey in the system. Promote it to your attendees. MeetingMetrics will do the rest.

Detailed reports are available online 24/7 in a variety of graph and table formats that can be emailed, printed and saved or quickly converted to PowerPoint and print presentations. Meeting participants can access the online questionnaire 24/7 using their PDA, notebook or any available computer to complete as many session evaluations as desired and return as often as they like. Continuing Education (CE) credit validation is buit-in. Speaker and session reports are automatically generated in real time and delivered via email from the system to individual speakers within minutes.

Post-Meeting Benchmark/Evaluation Survey - Return On Event (ROE)

Post-meeting, the MeetingMetricssm system will assist the meeting professional to develop a post-event survey questionnaire based on the pre-meeting questionnaire already saved in the system.
This survey will be comprised of benchmark tracking questions from the pre-event survey, new questions about meeting participants' satisfaction and views of the value of their meeting experience plus questions about new Post-meeting needs and their professional impact/ROI goals. As data is collected, the system places the data into the user’s custom-branded Online Report Center (ORC) in real-time.

In the ORC, users can choose from a variety of pre-formatted ROE reports and customize them with a few mouse clicks – professional meeting research report results easily generated. The overall set of Post-Event Reports includes a Return On Event (ROE) Report which provides specific, quantified meeting results, post-meeting changes and shifts from Pre-meeting levels on the benchmarks questions.

MeetingMetricssm users know exactly how their meeting affected peoples' value chain of impacts, can track post-meeting business results and have the key information they need for follow-through actions after the meeting and for future meeting planning.

Post-Meeting ROI Impact Study

Using the MeetingMetricssm service online, a user can develop a special ROI post-event impact survey to collect the necessary data for the system to calculate and report on the meeting’s financial ROI and business impacts.

MeetingMetricssm provides guidance and support for ROI measurement studies for users who elect to use this measurement application within the MeetingMetricssm online system.
For more information on the meeting ROI measurement services in the MeetingMetricssm system, go to Meeting ROI.

You can also read the much quoted and reprinted article by Ira Kerns, which provides an in-depth explanation of how this research method works and the Return On Event (ROE) results it has achieved for a number of major corporations.

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