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Core-7 Meeting Dimensions – Value Chain of Impacts

  • Return on Event/ROI*
  • Business Impacts
  • Applied Behaviors
  • Abilities/Skills
  • Feelings/Attitudes - Intentions/Commitment
  • Opinions/Perceptions/Beliefs
  • Knowledge/Understanding

            *ROI Institute methodology

Using the Core-7 Value Chain of Impacts in Meeting Design and Measurement

Pre-meeting Core-7 findings are articulated as measurable meeting objectives, the meeting’s value chain. These objectives provide meeting designers with a framework on which to develop a precisely focused, cost-efficient, high-value meeting experience for both the meeting participants and the sponsoring organization. Whenever possible, all Core-7 Dimensions are translated into specific measurable meeting objectives to assure the meeting's optimal effectiveness and positive ROI.

By employing both pre-meeting and post-meeting research and results measurement, Return On Event (ROE), shifts in attendees' Core-7 Dimensions can be accurately measured and calculated to determine the precise impacts of a meeting experience upon the attendees. A full spectrum of measures; psychological, behavioral and financial are built-into MeetingMetrics to assure that a well balanced, complete set of measures is applied to each meeting.

Post-meeting, a variety of Return On Event (ROE) Reports can be prepared in the real time Online Report Center presenting meeting results in graphs and tables. Meeting managers know exactly how well their meeting performed and the return on their total meeting investment and have the necessary post-meeting information to develop targeted, follow up initiatives.

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